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Wakefield Quin supports Meals on Wheels

Posted by: Anita Yates
Category: In the News

MOW presentation Dec 2015

This year in lieu of sending holiday cards to clients, Wakefield Quin will donate money to Meals on Wheels Bermuda.

Meals on Wheels prepare and deliver freshly cooked meals to people in our community who are incapacitated or are otherwise unable to prepare a nourishing meal on their own and who have no one else who they can depend on.  Meals on Wheels has proved to be a necessary social service in the community providing not only good well balanced nutritional meals but contacts and friendly visits for those who are sometimes forgotten and neglected.   Without Meals on Wheels patients could not be released from hospital care quite so quickly, especially the elderly who live alone.

Wakefield Quin is proud to support this vital community service.