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Wakefield Quin succeed in landmark adjudication

Posted by: Cheryl Robinson
Category: In the News

Michelle Stone, WQ’s Head of Property, successfully represented the Moongate Trust in challenging the objections raised by The Minister of Public Lands (represented by the Attorney-General’s Chambers) in Bermuda’s first ever adjudication conducted under the Land Title Registration Act 2011.

Our client was awarded freehold title to its dock on the grounds that it had successfully proved adverse possession of the Queen’s Bottom for a period in excess of 60 years, together with the costs of the application. This adjudication evidenced a marked change in Government policy, suggesting that Government will in future contest applications for adverse possession of public land or foreshore more stringently than previously.

External adjudicator: John Riihiluoma. Note: LTRO adjudications are open to the general public and likely to be conducted by LTRO staff where the objection concerns 2 private individuals.

If you require further information regarding the legality of an ancient dock, please contact Michelle Stone or senior counsel, Scott Swainson.