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Corporate Services

M Q Services Ltd.

Bermuda entities are required to comply with certain ongoing legal obligations under Bermuda law. M Q Services Ltd., established in 1992 and licensed to conduct corporate service provider business by the Bermuda Monetary Authority, provides a full range of corporate and administrative services to entities registered in Bermuda to ensure that they meet regulatory requirements.

M Q Services Ltd. has a team of chartered secretaries and corporate administrators who are committed to providing professional and efficient service to client companies and structures, established in Bermuda or elsewhere. The development and maintenance of close working relationships with our clients, together with our ability to provide excellent service at competitive rates, has been the hallmark of our success. We are committed to the highest standards of professionalism in every aspect of our service.

The services offered by M Q Services Ltd. include the following:

  • Incorporating and establishing companies, LLCs and partnerships
  • Providing a registered office for the company
  • Providing Bermuda resident non-executive directors
  • Providing a Bermuda resident representative and secretary
  • Convening statutory or directors’ meetings and providing rooms and other support facilities
  • Preparing and filing documents, as necessary, with the Bermuda authorities (for example, in relation to an increase in the company’s authorised share capital)
  • Preparing share transfers, share certificates, proxies, declarations of trust and other documents as required
  • Acting as share registrar and transfer agent
  • Establishing and maintaining the register of directors and officers, the register of shareholders, the company’s minute book and other statutory records
  • Liaising with the company’s bankers, managers (where applicable), accountants and auditors
  • Liaising with affiliated companies in the Wakefield Quin group to manage Bank account opening procedures, tax compliance and annual audits.
  • Assistance in obtaining Stock Exchange listings
  • Completing such other duties as the secretary of the company is required by law, or the bye-laws, to carry out

For more information regarding M Q Services Ltd., please contact:

Nicholas Hoskins
Telephone: +1 441 494 4050

Roderick Forrest
Telephone: +1 441 494 4040

Ian Stone
Telephone: +1 441 494 4060

Erik Gotfredsen
Telephone: +1 441 494 4017

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