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Posted by: Anita Yates
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Whilst researching our own firm’s ability to vote in the above elections, it has become apparent that shockingly few business ratepayers are currently registered and eligible to vote.

The election is scheduled to occur during the week of 4 May, 2015 but the register will close well in advance of this.

Please use the links below for the following detailed documents:

  1. WQ Business Alert
  2. FAQs prepared by the COH staff who process the applications for registration

Very importantly:

  • A failure to register in good time = no vote
  • Business registrations under the old voter system are not being reactivated; even if you were registered before, you  need to register afresh
  • A failure on the part of business ratepayers to register will ensure that residential voters can vote for a disproportionate number of council members

Michelle Stone, Head of Property

Business Alert re Municipal Elections

Frequently Asked Questions – Voter Registration Business Alert re Municipal Elections