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Wakefield Quin Covid-19 Remote Protocols

Posted by: Cheryl Robinson
Category: In the News

On account of COVID-19, Wakefield Quin and its affiliated companies have implemented their remote working protocols and staff are working from home. Our goal is to protect our staff and clients while, at the same time, continuing to provide uninterrupted services during this pandemic.

The Government of Bermuda has instituted a 24-hour requirement to ‘shelter in place’ which restricts movement of all people from 4-18 April 2020 with further extensions possible. While our physical offices will be temporarily closed during this period, we are confident that our business continuity measures will provide for continued operations with minimal service disruptions.

If you have any questions on how COVID-19 may affect your business, please contact your usual Wakefield Quin representative.

COVID-19 Update – 16 April 2020

 The Government of Bermuda has extended the 24-hour requirement to ‘shelter in place’ for another two weeks, from 18 April – 2 May 2020.  Our staff will continue to work remotely during this period to provide uninterrupted service to our clients.